Accountants for Startups

When you start a business, you must take into account the legal aspects. Compay formation in the UK is relatively easy and cheap. However, you may have many quetions and so, you may get a bit overwhelmed. 

For a fixed fee of £150 + VAT, you can take the benefit of our startup package. Following services are included in the package. 

Company RegistrationCorporation Tax RegistrationVAT RegistrationPAYE Registration
We will help you prepare your application so that you can submit that to the companies house. This will reduce the chances of any rejections.
This will ensure that you pay tax on time.
Turnover more than £85,000
Pay your employees.

Business Plan
Go to the bank
Raise Finance
Yes yes ys
Magic happens


On this page, we have compiled carefully selected steps that you should follow.

  1. Write a business plan
  2. Seek finance and arrange funding
  3. Set up and register your business
  4. If you are planning to do your business from home
  5. If you're planning to run your business from an office
  6. Look into these tax reliefs available for your startup business.
  7. If you're planning to hire a staff
  8. Essential software for your business
  9. If you provide services
  10. If you sale goods


Business plan:

The idea of your business was conceived in your mind way before you decided to start your business. You might have already written many ideas on a piece of paper. It's now time to properly organize your thoughts and come up with an actionable plan. Your business plan. Based on this plan, you will be able to device a future strategy and will be able to take reasonable steps. A well thought business plan will avoid many surprises along your business journey. You will need to come up with a clear plan for your product, the price, your staff and place of your business.

Seek finance and arrange funding.

If you're looking into selling goods:








Lot’s of books come up when you search on google. Read a good book


Business Plan





Home business



Relief and incentives




One more source