This is how Jamie performed credit control for his small business

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Jamie’s business as a freelance graphic designer had kicked off and he was enjoying is work. After working for around 7 years for big companies, when Jamie was made redundant, he decided not to look for another job. He went freelance instead. His hard work and patience paid off.

He knew that, in the year 2007 the smartphone market was booming and he focused on mobile based graphic designing. By the year 2010, he had a good portfolio of 40+ clients. All of them in west end. Jamie’s clients included app developers to media agencies and he was always busy on his mac.

Unfortunately, his accounting and bookkeeping skills were not as colourful as his designs. He could use the photoshop very well but could not airbrush pie charts in excel.

When we had our initial meeting, he informed that he was owed around £17K of which £9K was owed by 2 major clients and he wanted some helping hand for his books. Virtual bookkeeping was the best option I suggested.

Under virtual bookkeeping arrangements, we shared few files which were shared and synced on real time basis. Jamie was able to sync the invoices and statements with me without sending any email. We also shared some files on google docs and worked simultaneously until everything was handed over to me. Once I had all the records and relevant reports, I started the hard work of making phone calls and sending emails. The whole process was done within 2 months and most of time I carried my work remotely.

And we were able to resolve the problem of poor credit control and manage to recover the long outstanding debt within 50 days.